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We believe that there is an ethic way to work inside the fashion field. 
Each piece is produced and quality checked in our factory in Italy, trying to minimize the transportation and assuring the best working conditions. Producing locally allows us to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum and we can ensure that our knits are being produced to the highest ethical and ecological standards. 

We personally wash each piece, giving them the softness and the perfume carachteristic of the brand.

At MJW. we decided to mostly use recycled yarns and only natural fibres assuring the highest quality. 
All our buttons are in Corozo, a biodegradable material, made from a palm tree nut that is harvested after falling from the tree.



All MJW. knits are fully-fashioned, this method of knitting allows us to create perfectly-shaped knit panels, which are then sewn together, that means that there is no wast of scraps.


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