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MJW was born in 2015 from Maria Grazia and her two daughters Lorenza and Veronica, both designers.
After working in knitw
ear field for more than 30 years Maria decided to built her own brand, based on refined yarns and working alongside expertise italian manufacturer. 
The aim is to create a lasting product for everyday life: simple but refined, with the highest quality and everlasting. 

We are a small, but energetic team composed of both young talent and those with years of knowledge and experience.
All of us believe in a fashion which is slow, lasting and respectful of people and environment.
All the people in the team keep the best attention to produce your favorite cashmere item.




We believe that there is an ethic way to work inside the fashion field. 
Each piece is produced and quality checked in our factory, trying to minimize the transportation and assuring the best working c

We also decided to use mostly recycled yarns and only natural fibres assuring the highest quality. 
We personally wash each piece, giving them the softness and the perfume carachteristic of the brand.
All our bottons are in Corozo, a
biodegradable material, made from a palm tree nut that is harvested after falling from the tree.

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