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At MJW. we want that you can enjoy your knitwear season after season that is why we just use the hight quality italian yarns. 

To mantain the softness and the appareanche though here is a guide to prolong the life of your garmets.


Fibers like wool and cachemere are naturally anti-bacterial and odor-repellent so they do not need to be washed every time you wear them.

Pilling occurs naturally on the surface, especially in the areas that receive frequent friction. To remove them simply brush off gently with a sweater comb.


hand wash your knits or in the washing machine maximum 30° C, wash a maximum of three garments of similar colour per cycle in separate bags or pillowcases.

Wash with wool detergent and no softener.

Never soak your knits as this may cause them to shrink. 

Occasionally, due to knitwear structure or process, we need to use dry cleaning only care instructions. We recommend

selecting a dry cleaner experienced in working knitwear and fine fibers.


Dry the garment lying flat on a towel adjusting the garment to maintain its shape and let it air dry in a cool place away from sunlight or direct heat sources. Once dry, steam gently through a cotton or linen cloth to relax the fibers back to their original state.


Store your knitwear folded in drawers, as hanging will stretch your garments and cause misshaping.

For storage during a long period of time place your knit in a cotton dust bag so it can breathe adding a sachet of lavender or aromatic cedar blocks with it to keep the moths away.  


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